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  • Let's explore the microworld together with Tashe professional!

    Do you want to see the degree of hair damage, problem areas of the scalp and the result of the procedure on the screen of your phone?

    The Tashe Digital USB Microscope is 1000x magnification, convenient and compact - all in one box!

    The microscope is very light, ergonomic, equipped with a wheel for mechanical adjustment of the focal length - from 50x to 1000x. Quickly connects and displays the image on your phone or computer.

    The Tashe trichoscope will be a great addition to your procedure.

    An addition that will allow us to see the problems hidden from our eyes and choose the right procedure.

    Features: Support Android, Mac and Windows system.


    • Compact size 

    • Easy connection to mobile device and PC 

    • The presence of a holder 

    • CMOS Sensor - CMOS-matrix (light-sensitive matrix) 

    • 1000x magnification capability 

    • Adjusting the brightness of the LEDs 

    • The presence of a convenient wheel for mechanical adjustment of the focal length 

    • Micro-USB cable and adapter included 

    • Calibration sheet included

  • Components:

    1. The device itself is a digital microscope Tashe Professional USB 

    2. Stand-holder - is a clamp with a valve on a soft non-slip stand, with a transparent plastic holder at the end, where a microscope is inserted into special recesses 

    3. Printed instruction in English. You can read the instructions in Russian in the “Instructions” section on the product page or using the QR code on the box 

    4. Calibration sheet 

    5. CD with PC software 

    6. Micro-USB cable 

    7. USB Type-C adapter (next generation Android adapter) 

    8. Transparent protective cover for microscope objective

    9. Operating manual 

    10. Packing box 
  • Connecting a microscope via a mobile device:

    The Tashe Professional USB digital microscope is supported by the Android system.

    1. Install the app:

    For Android

    In the Google Play app, enter hVCAM in the search bar and install it.
    Application Icon:

    Or scan the QR code:

    NOTE: after the QR-code is scanned, you need to select the “google” section on the page that opens.

    2. Turn on the device.
    After connecting the microscope to a mobile device, the lens will light up (the “light" button can adjust the brightness of the glow).

    3. Connect the microscope to the mobile device using the Type-c adapter.

    Video instruction on connecting the microscope


    Connecting the microscope via PC:

    1. Install the software.
    Install the software from the included CD.

    Or install the software by following the link

    2. Turn on the device. 
    After connecting the microscope to the PC, the lens will light up (the “light" button can adjust the brightness of the glow).

    3. Connect the device to a PC. 
    Connect the device to your PC using a micro USB cable. Open the installed video capture program and select the following settings: click “device” - “open".

    In the window that appears, select the device, color/compression and image size, and then click the “Open" button.

    In order to take a photo, you need to press the button to the right of the focal length adjustment wheel. To view the photo in the program, click: “Image". Click “Video” to start recording the video and then view it.

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