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  • Ideal tongs for micro and nanocapsules!

    Ceramic heating plates allow to achieve homogeneous heating of keratin-polymer which is a bonding material for donor hair with the client's hair.

    Instant heating of forcepts saves time for the master and the client.

    Mechanical temperature control from 100 °C to 220 °C. The tongs have protection against overheating of the surface - the built-in stabilizer keeps the temperature indicated on the thermostat, which will make your work as comfortable as possible.

    Ergonomic and comfortable, the Tashe Slim Professional Forceps for hot extensionr with temperature control is the perfect choice. 


    • Ergonomic shape 

    • Two ceramic heating plates measuring 15x5 mm 

    • instant heating 

    • Mechanical temperature control from 100 °C to 220 °C 

    • Overheating protection - built-in stabilizer maintains the temperature indicated on the thermostat 

    Thermal nozzle for surface protection

    Characteristics of Tashe Slim with thermostat: 

    • Plate material: ceramic 

    • Handle material: heat-resistant plastic; 

    • Body color: black; 

    • Mechanical thermostat; 

    • Temperature control from 100 °C to 220 °C; 

    • Power: 100-240V, 50/60 Hz, 25W; 

    • Power cable: 2.5 meters. 



  • 1. Tashe Professional tongs for hair extensions - with thermostat - 1 pc.

    2. Operating manual - 1 pc.

    3. Packing box - 1 pc.

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