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  • Make your care as effective as possible!

    The Tashe thermocap is a unique catalyst for cold care treatments.

    Thanks to the thermal effect on the masks, balms and serums that you apply to your hair, their action will be accelerated and enhanced several times, and the result from them will be brought to a new level.

    Convenient shape, universal size, simple and clear method of application - all this makes the Tashe thermocap an indispensable assistant in your care.


    • Special overheating sensor with automatic shutdown after 10 minutes 

    • Flame retardant, heat resistant and waterproof material 

    • Easy wash 

    • Two temperature settings 

    • Heating 55-80 ℃ 

    • Constant maintenance of the desired temperature, according to the regulator 

    • Convenient size adjustment 

    • Double insulation of connecting elements 

    • Product warranty 

    • Quality certified in Russia and Belarus


    • Lanyard holder

    • Size: 230*150mm 

    • Supply voltage: 220V 

    • Heating: 55-80 ℃

    • Power: 50W 

    • Cord length: 2 meters

  • 1. Tashe Professional thermocap - 1 pc.

    2. Operating manual - 1 pc.

    3. Packing box - 1 pc.

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