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  • Set Xtreme Repair contains 2 products:Pre Repair shampoo and Repair Treatment serum.

    Pre Repair Shampoo gently influence hair, prepares it for the procedure without damaging the protective layer of the hair, at the same time it qualitatively cleanses it of grease and pollution, and stabilizes the pH of the hair.

    Repair Treatment serum deeply penetrates into the hair structure, fills it with proteins and amino acids, restores hair.

    The second step of the set can be used in two techniques: hot and cold. The effect of the procedure will depend on the chosen technique. In the first case, by sealing the composition with a hot iron, you will save damaged and overdried hair from brittleness for the longest possible time. Hair is smoothed, it is not breaking, which allows you to grow the long-awaited length.

    The result is noticeable after the first procedure. 

     To achieve 100% recovery, a course of 7 procedures is recommended, repeated once a month.

    Using a set in cold technique, with an infrared iron, you will avoid the use of high temperatures, and get a slight healing effect on your hair. It will become more obedient, nourished and hydrated.

    Both procedures can be done at home.

    The set is enough for up to 7 procedures! 

    Benefits: nice smell, deep repair, suitable for bleached and damaged hair, instant effect

    Hair type: for all types of hair

    Duration of effect: 1 month

    Indications: hair requiring restoration

    Consumption: enough for 7 procedures

    Contraindications: no

    The set includes:

    Pre Repair Shampoo Step 1

    Xtreme Repair treatment Step 2

  • 1. Pre Repair Shampoo Tashe professional:

    2. Tashe professional Xtreme Repair Treatment serum:

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