Tashe is the first Belarusian brand of professional cosmetics for keratin straightening, hair reconstruction, as well as professional home care after salon treatments.

The history of the brand begins in 2019 and with people who genuinely love their business, sincerely giving their heart to it. The brand's first products were keratin and botox kits for home care, but subsequently the range has expanded to include a wide range of care products from shampoos to butters and hair fillers.

Today Tashe professional is a well-known brand of cosmetics among professionals and regular women not only in the homeland of production - in the Republic of Belarus, but also in the whole CIS and the UAE. A big team of chemists, technologists, marketing experts, creative specialists, consultants and craftsmen are working on the brand to make it better every day.

Launching your own production is not an easy task. It requires knowledge, skill and a lot of luck. When these ingredients for success come together, something truly magical is born. And this is exactly how the Tashe professional came into existence.




Quality raw materials and effective formulas

we use predominantly high quality European raw materials in the manufacture of our products, and a team of experienced and professional chemists works on the unique proprietary formulas of the products

Customer focus

- Efficiency in problem solving
customer technical support;
- we are one of those who do not write "we will take into account
your wishes", but takes them into account;
- Proximity to the consumer and openness.

Quality tested and proven by experts and craftsmen

we stand on the shelves of beauty masters,
technologists who trust us and
recommend us to their clients.

Support for innovations, trends

we are a young ambitious team,
which responds quickly to impulses
strong and fast rhythm, changing
market trends and demands.

We emphasize individuality

Looking for different ways to take care of
your hair because we love
and appreciate different hair

About our production:

The Tashe professional brand was established in 2019 on the basis of our own laboratory.

Our own production allows us to control the quality of our products and guarantee the continuous production of hair cosmetics that meets high requirements, as well as offering favourable conditions of cooperation.

All products developed by chemists are tested by experienced technologists and expert masters for providing feedback and suggestions for product improvement.

This is how, after all the tests and improvements, perfect Tashe products appear.